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Fountain City Pedaler Donation

Luke from Fountain City Pedaler gave us a generous donation Saturday. Paul and Lary picked up several bikes, frames, wheels, and parts. Luke has even donated a workstand which was desperately needed.

FC Pedaler donation

Finally Back Open

The weather had us all under the weather at Kickstand. We haven't been able to open in two weeks. We had a business meeting Saturday and settled some important issues.

At the top of the list was the final draft for our Build A Bike program. If you need a bike and can't afford one, Kickstand can help with its Build A Bike program. Just come by the shop and fill out a form and get a time sheet. You will be able to work out a schedule where you are given credits toward a selection of bikes. You get 8 credits for every hour you volunteer at Kickstand. Some 40-80 credits will get you on a pretty nice bike. That would be less than 10 hours of work!

If you are not mechanically inclined, credits may be available in exchange for other labor like helping us sort parts or clean out our shed. We also have partnerships with other community organizations that you may be able to work with to earn Kickstand credits

Any charity wanting bikes still need only write us at kickstandknoxville@gmail.com to arrange for bicycles. These can be used to give directly to the charity's clientele, or for fund raising like auctions or door prizes.

In other business we got the ball rolling on our Bring Your Own Bike festival for early May. This will be held in partnership with Fourth United Presbyterian Church and will include food and entertainment.

February Boys & Girls Club Bike Giveaway

Braxton, Brendan, and Brianna from Boys & Girls Clubs came by Kickstand for helmets and bikes. Don, Lary, Chris, and Brad were there to greet them. More pix here.

More Bikes To Hope Ministries

John from Hope Ministries came by Tuesday to pick up some old kids bikes we hadn't yet repaired. He fixes them up for kids outside the Knoxville area. We are always happy to help him. It also helps us clear up our lot when we have a ton of bikes. Pictured are John (left) and Kickstand's Lary.

Hope bikes

Down To Business

Below is a pic of our Saturday business meeting. We've been discussing our upcoming role at the Bike Summit, what all we want to do for bike month in May, and how we want to manage our build-a-bike program. John, Paul, Hannah, Chris, Don, Lary, and Brad attended.

Hannah Joins Kickstand

Hannah has been wanting to join Kickstand since she heard about it on Facebook. She had her first day of work Friday when Brad opened an early session at the shop to start her out on kids bikes. She did very well and has a natrual touch with bearing adjustments. Pictured below is Hannah fighting a tight tire.

Help The Epilepsy Foundation...

And yourself by participating in any of these events. The Epilepsy Foundation provides Kickstand with helmets and the training to fit them properly. We can't thank them enough. These helmets go to every child and many of the adults who get bikes at Kickstand.

Steve Gets Great Schwinn High Plains Bike

Steve is a veteran who needed a bike to get around. We were able to fit him with the Schwinn High Plains ride pictured below. Very nice commuter/road bike. Also pictured is our own Don Mason doing the paperwork.



Official Business

Kickstand had an official business meeting Saturday, January 31st. One thing we decided was to have regular business meetings. We'll be having them the first Saturday of every month before our regular opening at noon. We also decided to get rolling on using bar codes, setting up an online bulletin board/calendar, ordering a new work stand, and clearing out the furnace room to make a second work area. Longer term projects include a slide show for the upcoming bike summit and formalizing the "life-cycle" of a donated bike.

Some Young Blood

Robert and Hannah who work for AmeriCorps came by to check us out. They attended the business meeting and got right to work. Hannah helped Lary repair the second of Bicycle Zoo's 2 Treks. Paul and Robert cleaned out the furnace room. John measured out the final walkway project. Brad and Don fiddle-farted around.

Google Voice

We got ready for for Thursday's Boys & Girls Club bike giveaway. Brad and Don opened and fixed up the last two bikes for the giveaway. Paul came by for an impromptu business meeting. Kickstand has a phone number! Don set us up with Google Voice so senior members can use their own phones to answer you questions. The number is in our contact info. Pictured is Don setting up Google Voice and Paul looking dubious about it.

Caroline Cooley

If you have biked Knoxville any time at all you have heard of Caroline Cooley. She was a founder of the Bicycle Advisory Committee, Bicycle Zoo, and is currently the chair of Bike-Walk Knoxville. In that capacity she is busy preparing for the state's Bicycle Summit which will be held here in Knoxville in April. More details on this later.

As busy as she is, she came by the shop Saturday to donate two fine bikes. Once was a Specialized that her son used in college and the other was a custom 70s road bike used by her husband. It's a very interesting bike made for someone over 6' tall. One of the biggest frames I've seen.

She also donated several good tires, some seats, and some front fork holders for overhead car racks. To top it off she gave us a check for $50. None too soon as we need some towels, chemicals, and cables.

Thanks for everything, Caroline, and you can count on Kickstand to help in any way with the Bicycle Summit.

caroline cooley

Mystery Fuji

A generous donor left a Fuji at our doorstep. It's a very nice road-style commuter with skinny tires and mountain bike style handlebars. We certainly appreciate this generous donation. We already have some people eyeing the bike wanting to fix it up for their own. Thanks again.

Kay At Work

Brad opened Saturday, and Don and Kay came by shortly after opening. Kay has a really warped wheel. She's pictured below changing the tube after we roughly straightened the wheel.

Hana came by to pick up her bike. She hasn't ridden in quite a while, but it seem to come back to her quickly. She built a very nice Haro bike for herself. She plans on using it especially on the 3rd Creek Greenway.


Next Boys & Girls Club Bike Giveaway

Kickstand is hosting a bike and helmet giveaway to a few members of the Boys & Girls Club of Knoxville on Thursday, January 22, time to be announced. We will be fitting some six kids with helmets and letting them pick out bikes!

New Trek 4300 & Huffy Ocala For Sale

The Trek is an excellent entry to mid-end mountain bike. It has Bontager wheels and tires (& seat) along with powerful linear pull brakes and adjustable 300 Spinner front shocks. Excellent gear range for even the steepest hills. More details and pix here (very first entry).

The Huffy Ocala is a very comfortable cruiser with six well-chosen gears to make hills easier. Comes with fenders, wide saddle, and fat white wall tires.

Ginger's Family's Donation

Lary and Brad were at the shop Friday (January 9th) when Ginger brought her family by to donate 2 kids bikes. One of the bikes was a very nice Haro that will give someone excellent service for years to come. Pictured left to right are Virginia, Mary Kate, Claire, and Ginger. Thank's so much for this generous donation and going out of your way to bring these bikes to us. Note: Not pictured is their dog who sat this out in the truck.



Tuesday, January 6th, we began our Kickstand Brick Walkway Project with the help of Paul, Don, Lary, Jonathan, and Denny! The walk will eventually span the lawn between the Fourth United Presbyterian Church parking lot and our entry door.


HelpYouDwell.com Donation

Thank you to the generous women at HelpYouDwell.com for their donation today.

help you dwell donation

John Heines Donation

Don and Lary were at the shop when Ken (pictured) brought by these donated bikes from John Heines. Mr. Heines also donated $50 cash. We can't thank John and Ken enough for their generosity.


- New Computers -

Kickstand received two refurbished laptops from e-Cyle's George Raudenbush. They are both Dells and will be put to work managing our inventory and parts. Big Thanks to Chad and George from e-Cycle. Pic shows George and Paul with new computers.



- Chloe -

Chloe is a little sister in Knoxville's Big Sister Program. She just got her bike from Kickstand decorated in time for the 2014 Tour de Lights. More pix here.


- Tour De Lights 2014 -

The Tour was as spectacular as ever. Hundreds of cyclists decorated their bikes and themselves for a hoilday season ride from Downtown's Market Square through the 4th & Gill and Old North Knoxville Neighborhoods. Prizes, hot chocolate and food were at the end of the ride provided by Mast General Store and Three Rivers Market.

Kickstand was represented by Paul, Don, and John. They checked bikes before the ride and offered road assistance during it. More pix here.

Boys & Girls Club Christmas Bike Give Away

The kids came today (Thursday, December 18, 2014) and had a blast. They got helmets, bikes, and Skittles! See the full album here.

Vestal Boys & Girls Club

Tara brought some kids from Vestal Boys & Girls Club by the shop today. This was Wednesday, December 10, 2014. They needed helmets and bikes. Paul, Brad, and Don were there to help them. What a great way to get into the Christmas spirit. See another dozen pix here.

Marin Bolinas Ridge Is A Hill Master

We have a fantastic climber for sell at the shop. It's a Marin Bolinas Ridge (21-speed) with a very small chainring up front. Details here (first entry).



Terrin wrote this about their bike ride yesterday. They faced some stiff winds over 20mph with harder gusts:

"Hi Paul - Savannah came to the bike ride yesterday with her Big Sister, Rachel. Savannah said she wasn't very good at riding bikes. After a couple minutes of practice she and the rest of us started down the Will Skelton greenway. Savannah was shy to use the hand brakes and would put her feet down to stop. She also was all over the trail. With encouragement from Rachel she began to get more comfortable and went from walking her bike on the hills to riding them with no problem. She also went from the back of the group to the front, by the end of the 7 miles she kept riding the bike around and around the parking lot grinning all the while. When Rachel told her that she could keep the bicycle and take it home her eyes widened and she asked "Really?" She was so happy! She loves her new bike - loves the color and the name - everything. We are planning our next bicycle outing with BBBS - everyone was so enthused and we managed to get our ride in between rain storms and with no mishaps."


Folk @ Fourth Was A Big Success

Fourth United Presbyterian Church held another in their Folk @ Fourth series with food catered by Kickstand. The big stars for Kickstand were Don and his wife Dawn. They really got everything running and cleaned up. Brad and Paul were there, but they are pretty much useless gits. Paul was assigned to keep Brad away from the lasagna. Click here for details and more pix.

Don's Cannondale For Sale

Don is one of Kickstand's most reliable volunteers and this is the first bike he came to us with. He rode it for some time and kept it up quite well. The frame is just too tall for him and he got another bike donating this Cannondale to Kickstand for sale. Details here > > >


Happy Hollerdays

Fat Brad test rode the Schwinn Range to Happy Hollerdays this past Saturday (November 8, 2014). This street festival was in Happy Holler on North Central just north of Baxter Avenue. It was a good mix of the interesting shops and businesses located on Central along with some of Knoxville's mobile favorites. More Pix Here > > >

happy hollerdays

- Cansler YMCA Open House -

Cansler YMCA had an open house on the evening of Wednesday, November 5h, 2014. It was bike oriented with free bicycle helmets courtesy of East Tennessee Epilepsy Foundation. Kickstand had a safe commuting display, and Tennessee Valley Bikes (TVB) had a repair and maintenance display.

The YMCA served "infused" water and yogurt with toppings. Thanks to Sarah and Donna at the Y for hosting this event and making sure everything ran smoothly. Check out the pix and details here.

Infused Water. The one on the left is cucumber. I think the one on the right is liver :) Or, grapes.