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- BYOB 2015 -

KickStand's second annual BYOB WAS GREAT!

The Epilepsy Foundation was there giving helmets to kids (thank you Paula), Music (thank you Alex, Jim and Thomas), food (yum, thank you 4th United Pres), and the hit of the party Libby the puppy.

We'd like to thank everyone for helping out with our fundraiser...

Pastor Liz at Fourth United and its members for providing church facilities and support.

Sean with Knox Bike Polo for his demo.

The Carpetbag Theatre and the musicians for their live performances.

I Bike Knoxville for setting up an Ambassador table with info on local cycling.

Kickstand volunteers Paul, Don, Chris, Brandon, Hannah, Ricky, and Steven for setting up and cleaning up (but not Lary, who's relaxing on a beach somewhere).

But we'd like to not thank the mean neighbors across the alley, who complained about the low music levels interrupting their party, and who obviously don't like fundraising charities. As soon as they left, it was right back to normal. More Pix Here >>>

New Awning

Tuesday was very busy.Paul, Denny, Lary, and Brandon worked on the awning again. Most important of all, we've learned that the Emperor himself is personally overseeing the final stages of the construction of this awning. Chris worked on some old 3-speeds.Brandon sorted our mountain of old tires and tubes, and rearranged the large stones for a garden. Don won a heroic battle with a stuck seatpost that didn't want to budge. John continued working with Steven to build up his Specialized.