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Tuesday, July 29, 2014

Still Very Busy

We are still very busy at Kickstand. We had two new people start bikes and it looks like Kay and Don might be regulars. Here's Kay working with our old stalwart Lary:

lary kay

Chantel came back from vacation and it was good to see her and Alex. Here's a pic of them working with Don on a bike for Don's wife. Bill is working at the bench. He's wrapping up work on a severely rusted bike.

don alex chantel bill

Lee had a little trouble with his new bike. A pedal had stripped out and we replaced his crank/ring set. Here he is figuring out which wrench to use on pedals.


Monday, July 28, 2014


Hannah has places to go and needed a bike to get there. We found this 24" Roadmaster for her. It needed quite a bit of repair, but ended up as a fine bike that will serve her well for years to come.


Saturday, July 26, 2014

So Many People & Bikes

We had a very busy Saturday. Six build-a-bikes were completed along with two repairs. The highlight of the day was this huge donation of some 20 bikes by a man who had 19 children in his family! These will almost all end up being given to the wonderful kids at Boys' & Girls' Clubs of Knoxville.



Regular volunteer Bill wore his grip out working on a really rusty beach bike. Nice bike, but it was left outside and had a lot of rust on the chain and every single nut and bolt. Lots of tough wrenching.


Dennis, on the left below, built a mountain bike that was converted into a nice street bike. He needed some reliable transportation and got it. Kickstand friend George R. is pictured on the right.


Kay is the smiling young woman below. She is a friend with Steve, also pictured. She wanted a bike to ride on greenways and trails. She got one with a front suspension and was able to finish work on the bike with the help of Paul & Brad.


Kickstand got a new volunteer named Zach. Zach is working toward a nicer bike we have stored off-site. He spent Saturday working on some of the kids' bikes we plan on using for the next bike party with Boys' & Girls' Clubs of Knoxville