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Junk-B-Gone Donation

Kickstand has no better partner than Junk-Bee-Gone. They recently donated 16 bikes and 2 scooters! Pix below show the booty including a really nice 60s era Schwinn with original seat and fenders.




Boys & Girls Club Bikes

Picutred below are Paul and Darren and 3 lucky kids who just got free restored bicycles and new helmets. Paul is a Kickstand volunteer and Darren is a leader of the Boys & Girls Clubs of Knoxville. The helmets are donated to Kickstand by The Epilepsy Foundation.

boys and girls club

b&g hq


Monday, September 1st, 6PM at Bearden Beer Market !!

bearden beer market fun run

Monday, August 18, 2014

Tina Donates Her Commuter Kit

Tina got this bike from Kickstand around a year ago and has used it regularly since. It's in fine shape and will only need a tune to be in perfect shape for someone els. She also generously donated her helmet and bike lock. She's moving and we all wish her luck.

tina with bike

We also got a welcome visit from Darren of Boys' & Girls' Clubs Of Knoxville. Wonderful group. He had a couple of bikes to pick up that had needed some extra work.

darren and paul

Aaron's Donation

Aaron came by to donate the FreeSpirit pictured below. It was in good condition with skinny knobby tires. Very nice tires for the streets of Knoxville. The FreeSpirits were sold by Sears in the 1970s and have held up pretty well over the years. We've had a couple of them pass through this summer. Thanks, Aaron!

Aaron donates FreeSpirit

Friday, August 15, 2014


Pavel needed some transportation and we had a bike just for him. He's tall and we had a Schwinn Express with a 20" frame. Great fit. The bike needed quite a bit of work which was done by Chris.

Pavel and Schwinn Express