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Location: behind Fourth United Presbyterian Church, 1323 North Broadway, Knoxville, TN 37917
Hours: Saturday 12-2PM followed by a business meeting at 2PM; Tuesday 5-7PM

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KickStand is Knoxville's bike collective, an all volunteer organization dedicated to helping everyone with their bicycle-related needs. We meet weekly to repair bikes and to teach bike repair skills. We also refurbish donated bikes that are available to people in the community who can't afford to buy a new bike.

We are always looking for volunteers and used bikes. If you can help, email us at

You can find us on Facebook at:

Saturday 12-2PM followed by a business meeting at 2PM
Tuesday 5-7PM

behind Fourth United Presbyterian Church
1323 North Broadway, Knoxville


* April 26 - EarthFest, World's Fair Park, time to be announced. We will have a table and may be doing bike repair.

* May 3 - Bicycle Rodeo, Victor Ashe Park, 9:00AM. Kids' Bike Rodeo hosted by the TPO and Health Department. Kickstanders are asked to volunteer.

* May 4 - Bicycle Festival, Market Square, afternoon. One of the biggest bike events in Knoxville. Booths will include Kickstand along with bike shops and other bike related activities. Kickstand is making a bicycle powered ice cream churn and have a booth. I think a parts swap booth is planned.

* May 10 - Vestival, Candoro Marble, time to be announced. Kickstand will be selling bicycles at this South Knoxville festival. A ride may be planned.

* May 17 - Kickstand Bike Festival, Fourth United Presbyterian Church, Broadway, afternoon. This is our own festival that we share with the church. There will be a neighborhood ride, shop open house, and all sorts of music and entertainment. Food to be announced.


- NEWS -

Tuesday, 22 April 2014 - Earth Day!

Lary's Build-A-Bike

Pictured below is Lary (yes, with one "R"). He's been helping us sort parts and organize the shop for the past couple of sessions. He's very mechanically oriented having been a locksmith. He's just received his first bike for some 10 hours of service. A Quest Elevation. Great bike for getting around town & greenways.


Paul's Giant

Paul has been working on a Giant Trance mountain bike for over a month. The Giant was one of the first bikes out with a hydraulic disc brake system. Most of that system was heavily deteriorated, so Paul converted it to a mechanical (cable) disc brake system. Good conversion and the hydraulic parts can still be refurbished and installed when ready.

Paul's Giant

Paul's Giant

John To The Rescue, Again

John fixed another cassette problem Tuesday night. Another Kickstand volunteer, Carolyn, needed a rear cassette with larger cogs for the hills around here. Brad found a good cassette and John installed it. Good thing, too. Carolyn's chain was badly stretched and only John could adjust something like that to work. Now Carolyn can get around until we find a new chain.




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