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- Tour De Lights 2014 -

The Tour was as spectacular as ever. Hundreds of cyclists decorated their bikes and themselves for a hoilday season ride from Downtown's Market Square through the 4th & Gill and Old North Knoxville Neighborhoods. Prizes, hot chocolate and food were at the end of the ride provided by Mast General Store and Three Rivers Market.

Kickstand was represented by Paul, Don, and John. They checked bikes before the ride and offered road assistance during it. More pix here.

Boys & Girls Club Christmas Bike Give Away

The kids came today (Thursday, December 18, 2014) and had a blast. They got helmets, bikes, and Skittles! See the full album here.

Vestal Boys & Girls Club

Tara brought some kids from Vestal Boys & Girls Club by the shop today. This was Wednesday, December 10, 2014. They needed helmets and bikes. Paul, Brad, and Don were there to help them. What a great way to get into the Christmas spirit. See another dozen pix here.

Marin Bolinas Ridge Is A Hill Master

We have a fantastic climber for sell at the shop. It's a Marin Bolinas Ridge (21-speed) with a very small chainring up front. Details here (first entry).



Terrin wrote this about their bike ride yesterday. They faced some stiff winds over 20mph with harder gusts:

"Hi Paul - Savannah came to the bike ride yesterday with her Big Sister, Rachel. Savannah said she wasn't very good at riding bikes. After a couple minutes of practice she and the rest of us started down the Will Skelton greenway. Savannah was shy to use the hand brakes and would put her feet down to stop. She also was all over the trail. With encouragement from Rachel she began to get more comfortable and went from walking her bike on the hills to riding them with no problem. She also went from the back of the group to the front, by the end of the 7 miles she kept riding the bike around and around the parking lot grinning all the while. When Rachel told her that she could keep the bicycle and take it home her eyes widened and she asked "Really?" She was so happy! She loves her new bike - loves the color and the name - everything. We are planning our next bicycle outing with BBBS - everyone was so enthused and we managed to get our ride in between rain storms and with no mishaps."


Folk @ Fourth Was A Big Success

Fourth United Presbyterian Church held another in their Folk @ Fourth series with food catered by Kickstand. The big stars for Kickstand were Don and his wife Dawn. They really got everything running and cleaned up. Brad and Paul were there, but they are pretty much useless gits. Paul was assigned to keep Brad away from the lasagna. Click here for details and more pix.

Don's Cannondale For Sale

Don is one of Kickstand's most reliable volunteers and this is the first bike he came to us with. He rode it for some time and kept it up quite well. The frame is just too tall for him and he got another bike donating this Cannondale to Kickstand for sale. Details here > > >


Happy Hollerdays

Fat Brad test rode the Schwinn Range to Happy Hollerdays this past Saturday (November 8, 2014). This street festival was in Happy Holler on North Central just north of Baxter Avenue. It was a good mix of the interesting shops and businesses located on Central along with some of Knoxville's mobile favorites. More Pix Here > > >

happy hollerdays

- Cansler YMCA Open House -

Cansler YMCA had an open house on the evening of Wednesday, November 5h, 2014. It was bike oriented with free bicycle helmets courtesy of East Tennessee Epilepsy Foundation. Kickstand had a safe commuting display, and Tennessee Valley Bikes (TVB) had a repair and maintenance display.

The YMCA served "infused" water and yogurt with toppings. Thanks to Sarah and Donna at the Y for hosting this event and making sure everything ran smoothly. Check out the pix and details here.

Infused Water. The one on the left is cucumber. I think the one on the right is liver :) Or, grapes.