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Kickstand will be leading rides to EarthFest next Saturday, April 18, 2015. The rides will begin at Kickstand (Broadway & Glenwood), go to EarthFest at World's Fair Park via Downtown (less than 5 miles), and return.

The first ride will leave at 11:30AM and arrive at EarthFest around noon. We will gather to return to Kickstand around 2:30.

The later ride will leave Kickstand at 1PM, arrive at EarthFest around 1:30, and gather to return at 4:00.

There is auto parking available at Kickstand. Come early to have your bike checked out and to air your tires! EarthFest Details


Wow! Chris has done a great job of organizing and cleaning the shop. Brad and Hannah worked 10 - 1 Friday and got five kids bikes finished. The extra bench space and organization made things go much more smoothly than usual.


Chris opened Tuesday and went straight to sorting parts. He's been doing an excellent job that's already been noticed. It's much easier searching for something.

Lary and Don joined in. Lary working on several children's bikes. Don doing public repairs like replacing a derailleur.

Caroline Cooley brought a friend by to check us out before the bicycle summit. I hope it wasn't an inspection. We're about half-way to clean. Don's even washing the shop aprons. Some of those could walk around by themselves.

First Spring Saturday

We had an incredible Saturday! So many projects and bikes were completed!

Brad fixed Donna Dixon's bike - she is from Maryville and is considering starting up a Bike Collective there. KickStand will help her group by donating some bikes.

Helena donated a Raleigh and a Schwinn - nice bikes that we will repair and add to our stock.

John Meyer, Brad, Lary, and two new volunteers, John Goethert and his son Cooper, moved bricks from our stockpile and filled in the walkway area outside the shop.

Mikel Davis donated four bikes and bought one of our 24" models for his daughter.

We were very busy repairing bikes today - John Meyer, KickStand's Bike Guru, corrected a lingering shift problem on a nice Trek bike; it's now for sale - see our "Bikes For Sale" page at www.knoxbikecollective.com. He also rebuilt an ailing coaster brake unit on a single speeder.

Lary, John G., and Cooper collected, sorted, and corralled all the rims, tires, and inner tubes that were in the shed and the shop - these guys were on fire today! The photos show the work in progress.

Paul, John, and Lary met to discuss the design of the next phase of our walkway - thanks again to Don for his guidance on this project.

Paul repaired several bikes, and helped a volunteer do a lengthy headset replacement on his bike, which also had a major rear brake problem.