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Kickstand will be closed Saturday, July 19th due to rain. We plan to open Monday, July 21st, at 4PM.

Tuesday, July 15, 2014

A Happy Upgrade For Lee

Lee has been working around the shop for a month and was in line for an upgrade. He traded in his old Roadmaster for this Huffy Cavern. Nice bike in silver & red, 10-speed thumb shifters. Much lighter and better quality than his previous bike.


Chloe's brother, CJ, picked up a bike from us a week ago. I'm surprised it took little sister a whole week to want one too :) Chloe got a prize. The bike under that bad paint job is a Gary Fisher six-speed grip with Bontager tires. Sweet.


Friday, July 11, 2014

More Space & New Volunteers

Kickstand is renting a little more space in the church to help out with our parts storage. It was getting so we couldn't walk in the shop with so much stored on the floor. Paul, Chris, and new volunteer Don helped with the sorting.


We also got a couple of new volunteers - Steve & Liam. They were busy Friday night. They learned how to remove wheels and service them. They got bearings down quickly. They also do a fantastic job of frame and parts cleaning.